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About Us


In 1980, the Lester River Sawmill with founded by Mike Biron near the Lester River. As his business thrived and grew, he decided to make the move to a new location (and where it continues to be today) to Rice Lake in 1993. Over the years, Mike consistently provided high-quality wood products to the area in a variety of options.

Nearing the end of 2022, Mike decided it was time to retire and passed the torch along to the current owner, Will Feyder. Under this new ownership, we will continue to utilize the same ideologies and passions that were originally ingrained into this business.

Our Process

We begin with receiving logs of varying species types from loggers located throughout the northern Minnesota area. The wood is then milled, graded, and sorted depending on what product it will become.

We then kiln-dry the Finished Wood and Live-Edge products to low percent moisture, while the Unfinished-Wood products skip this step. The final stage is to trim and straighten each slab and mold them into their final lumber products.

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